It’s a lonely place to be on loan

Stacks of greedy green in shoeboxes Mirrored lines of 4am intoxicated slurred words Postcard scribbles of pill popped poetry Burnt out animosity and watching the sunrise Years of game in hotels with my hoe tales How can I write to your reality what this cage on display does to you Pen to paper blurred in … Continue reading It’s a lonely place to be on loan


Drown in love and lust then comes blood and guts. The broken heart chest pains are worse than any physical pain I endure and then I go numb the heart and brain with ghb, dmt and weed and liquor messing up my own head choosing what meds I’ll take and how much to take cuz fuck what the doctors say its my way it’s not me it’s him that should be drowning in a cage. But I go back for more so who’s to blame but the whore.

Sleeping with the big bad Wolf

Close your eyes, turn down the lights, I know you’re scared, paralyzed in bed, don’t worry baby, This can take away the crazy, just drink these words, you can roll up the rhymes, make the lines into bumps, I’ve got some pills that’ll give you chills, inhale new beats, it’ll help you sleep, your brain … Continue reading Sleeping with the big bad Wolf